Save up to $2,000 off your favourite Stacer boat, for a limited time only

*Offer available on select models. Price will vary with model size. Eligible models must have been purchased directly from a certified Stacer dealer and must be in stock. Offer is not to be used in conjunction with any other offers or rebates. No other program discounts apply to the offer. The offer must be provided to the buyer at the time of retail and can not be claimed for orders already confirmed with a contract of sale. All boats must be warranty registered with complete customer details; including address, valid mobile and email address, etc., by the dealer within 7 days of the sale to be eligible for a rebate. Stacer is committed to the progressive enhancements of its brands, meeting market demands and leading the industry. Changes to prices and specifications of its boats, parts and accessories are fluid and subject to change. The offer may be subject to change and excludes: back-ordered items or any units not dispatched by the 7th of March. The offer ends on 5 April.

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