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31 Aug 11

Maynes Marine opens impressive new showroom

Maynes Marine has moved from their old site to a brand new undercover premise in Moonah, cementing their place as one of the top Stacer dealers in Tasmania.

The marine dealership has been established since 1967 and has become one of the most recognised names in Tasmania and after a change in ownership has reinvented itself with a state of the art undercover showroom.

Dealer Principal Reg Turner says the feedback about the new site from suppliers as well as the general public has been overwhelmingly positive and believes there are exciting times ahead for Maynes Marine.

“After 44 years it was time to move, put simply the business had outgrown it. Today’s clientele seem to want a dealership that tends to have stock ‘under cover’,” Reg said.

“The layout is more user friendly, for example the drive though service area came about as we do have a lot of ladies dropping off their other half’s boat for a service, so we thought if we can make it less daunting to reverse the boat, the more likely it is to happen.”

“The idea is to streamline our process and make our clients really feel like they are purchasing a lifestyle not just an ordinary boat,” he said.

National Account Manager Drew Jackson says the team has done an amazing job with the layout and presentation of the showroom after only a short time and agrees it is a really exciting time for owners Reg and Kerri-Lee and the Stacer brand.

“As you walk through the main entrance into the large under cover showroom, which is really needed in Tasmania where the weather can be hostile, you get the impression that this is a serious dealership – it’s very impressive,” Drew said.

Maynes Marine has done a fantastic job with its new showroom and will be forging ahead as a premier Stacer dealer for many more years to come.