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03 Aug 22

Stacer Champions the Nation's Top Dealers

Boasting a fleet of the most talented and knowledgeable dealers across the country, Stacer continues to provide some of the best customer service experiences in the marine industry. 

In recognition of outstanding performance and showcasing what it means to be a Stacer dealer, this year the brand celebrates its annual dealership awards.

Encapsulating the brands values in raising the bar with industry standards and upholding exceptional customer service, the honourable National Dealer of the Year title is one that reflects the awarded dealerships hard work and commitment to providing utmost customer experience.

“Each dealer has earnt their place in our network by embodying a hunger for seeing the brand, and marine industry as a whole, grow from strength to strength,” Drew Jackson, ANZ Sales Manager said.

“For any customer buying a Stacer boat, we are proud to guarantee second-to-none dealerships Australia-wide who carry impeccable marine knowledge to assist every buyer in best meeting their needs, and deliver outstanding customer services.”

Delivering Australia’s top performance for 2021-22 is none other than North Coast Boating.

Grounded around providing the industries best marine products with the support of a dedicated team of service professionals who are passionate boaters, the dealership is renowned for its excellence throughout all facets of business operation. 

Located on the Sunshine Coast for over 45-years, the dealership carries a wealth of industry knowledge, that goes hand in hand with their savviness in business and aptitude in helping a customer navigate through the buying process.

Since carrying one of Australia’s most distinguished, sought-after aluminium boat brands under its belt, it is said that North Coast Boating continues to flourish.

“Since becoming part of the Stacer family in 2015, North Coast Boating has gone from strength to strength,” Nathan Shaw, District Sales Manager said.

“The team here has managed to consistently grow their customer base through hard work, meticulous planning, reinvestment, exceptional customer service and a clear drive to improve all aspects of the business.”

“North Coast Boating is an exemplary dealership by all measures and one that Stacer confidently entrusts to provide an exceptional experience for anyone looking to continue or begin their journey of owning a Stacer boat. A truly worthy winner of the Stacer National Dealer of the Year award.”

Helping serve the boating capital of Australia, North Coast Boating is the manpower behind making hundreds of peoples boating dreams a reality. 

Recognised for its standout performance for years, the dealership was first awarded as Queensland Dealer of the Year in 2019-2020 and now claims the title of Australia’s top dealer. 

“What a totally unexpected Honour! We love what we do and we appreciate that our customers love it too. Thanks to Stacer, our fabulous team and our customers. This National Dealer award is for all of us,” Nereis Long, North Coast Boating Dealer Principal said. 

Stacer is proudly Australian built and from its founding in 1971, quickly became established as one of the most popular aluminium boats due to its commitment to producing high-quality, strong and long-lasting vessels at an affordable price. 

Featuring a line-up of nearly 100 models, Stacer has invested in delivering a product suited to every new and experienced boater. With the help of Stacer’s dedicated network of dealerships, located nationwide, choosing the perfect boat is simple. 

Through select dealers including North Coast Boating, Stacer boats are available as fully configured boat, motor and trailer packages, built directly within the Gold Coast factory. 

Owned by BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products), Global leader in Powersports, the future for Stacer is only up here. 

Become part of the Stacer community, or find out more about the range today by contacting your local dealer by clicking here